Barbican Centre Conservatory

Barbican 2.jpg

The very first tip of mine is Barbican Centre Conservatory! Barbican Centre is like a cultural centre with art exhibitions, theatre, library and a conservatory! The conservatory is on floor 4 and it is like a mini botanical garden where you can have afternoon tea (needs to be booked in advance) or just look at different kind of plants like banan trees or coffee plants.

Barbican 4.jpg

In the windows you can see a lot of newly planted plants, baby plants!

Barbican 3.jpg

Barbican 6.jpg

The conservatory is only open to the public on Sundays and it is free entry. It is quite big with three rooms, one for the afternoon tea, one with a pond and the third room is a room full of cactuses!

Barbican 8.jpg

Barbican 7.jpg

Barbican 9.jpg

The easiest way to get here is to take underground to Barbican, Moorgate or St Paul’s. You can also take the bus to Central Street, Beech Street, Silk Street or Finchley Square. Their opening hours are 12 – 5 pm with last entry at 4:30 pm.

It can be quite busy so I recommend to be there when they open. A lot of people are walking around with cameras, having mini photoshoots, so do bring your camera as well!

xoxo Frida


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