Brown & Rosie

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Brown & Rosie is a little café in the heart of South Kensington! They have amazing breakfast choices and a “Today’s Lunch” menu.

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They have a lot on their menu, for example acai bowl, avocado toast, salmon toast and porridge. We ordered the Turkish yoghurt with honey and granola and also a latte. The granola was perfect and so was the coffee! They use Australian roasted coffee that is delicious, not too strong but not too weak. It is a really nice atmosphere with cactuses as interior and a bit of a fabric feeling.

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It was no too busy when we went here around 11 am on a Friday but I can imagine busy weekends. There are not many seats and a few tables were reserved so I would recommend to be early for a weekend brunch. They are open from 8 am – 9:30 pm on weekdays and 9 am – 9:30 pm on weekends. Like everything in Kensington, this place is a bit pricey compared to others but it is definitely worth it! Coffee are £3 and the bowls (porridge, acai, yoghurt) are around £6 ~ 8. You find this little place on 10 – 12 Exhibition Road and the easiest way is to take the underground to South Kensington or take bus 14, 74, 360, 414, 430 or C1 to South Kensington. You can check out their own website HERE for more information about their food and company and also follow them on Instagram HERE.

xoxo Frida


Fink’s Salt & Sweet

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I love brunch and breakfast! I want to visit London’s best brunch places and share those with you. So here is my first brunch tip, Fink’s Salt & Sweet! You find this nice place near Finsbury Park Station. It is not on the high street so you have to walk into a small street called Mountgrove Road, it is a real hidden gem. I bet it is a local favourite.

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It is quite small and not too busy (on a Wednesday morning), it was a very calming atmosphere, perfect place to study, work or read. The interior is also very nice and aesthetically pleasing.

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Picture credit to Lisa

We ordered in avocado + chèvre on toast, bircher muesli with apple compote and yoghurt with their own granola. It was so good, especially the avocado toast where they put on some rose harissa which made it a bit spicy. To be such a nice place and good food it was surprisingly cheap! The toast is around £6 and the bowls around £5. The coffee is also really good, not too strong and not too weak, for the coffee experts out there; it was a round taste. I would definitely go here again! Would you recommend to a friend? Yes.

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Fink’s Salt & Sweet is located at 70 Mountgrove Road, N5 2LT. The closet underground stations are Finsbury Park or Arsenal. You can also take the bus to Finsbury Park/Blackstock Road or Finsbury Park Station. You can check out their own website HERE to see their menu and also follow them on Instagram HERE.

xoxo Frida